Welcome and Thank You for Taking Time to Learn More About What I Stand for and Believe In

I am happy to announce my candidacy to faithfully serve you as a Councillor on the next St. Albert City Council.

As a St. Albert citizen for thirty seven years, I recognize that we have a lively community passion for good governance and fairness for all. I believe our Council has to be committed and dedicated to chart a course of Right Reason followed by Right Action.

Community Values

  • I believe in proper representation of people. Councillors are here to serve you, not the other way around.
  • Our City’s slogan, Cultivate Life represents for me, the nurturing and healthy growth of the community, rooted in a secure and stable environment. This is my guiding principle.
  • Taxpayers must have a voice in how tax dollars are spent. Vital questions need to be included on election ballots.
  • Preserve and protect park space and greenspaces.

Responsible Spending

  • Improve the budgeting process. Expenditures must be explained and justified for each new period, starting from a ‘zero base’, rather than only requiring justification for adding to actual results from the preceding years.
  • Every function within the City must be analyzed for necessity and cost. Develop an employee initiative bonus for identifying and effecting operating cost savings.
  • Identify reasonable and valid business objectives
  • Review planned, expected and actual performance levels and set right priorities.

Professional Planning

  • Manage change through growth while preserving the integrity of neighborhoods and respecting residential rezoning concerns.
  • Establish long-range development goals to support anticipated community values and needs. This will eliminate costly patchwork fixes resulting from ‘kneejerk’ planning.
  • Develop and follow-through with a concrete commitment to celebrate and honour our origins by preserving our local landmarks.
  • Advocate for the twinning of Ray Gibbon Drive and completing its connection to Highway 2.
Steve Stone – Quick Facts

•Proud St. Albert resident for 37 years.
•Married to Marilyn for 46 years, and raised 3 children and have 9 grandchildren.
•Successful St. Albert business owner for 32 years.
•Managed the Western provinces for large international company
•Accountant for Royal Bank for several years
•Education in banking & business from University of Manitoba.
•Volunteer mentor with St. Albert Sidekicks Youth Program.
•Member of Holy Family Parish
•RCIA volunteer

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Welcome and Thank You for Taking Time to Learn More About What I Stand for and Believe In

If you would like to contact me to discuss any ideas or concerns, please feel free to call me at 780-257-1775
or email me at: votestevestone@shaw.ca

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Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.